The thought of one snake of any description in my general vicinity is enough to send me away running and screaming like the sissy that I am. I can only imagine what seeing 11 snakes at one time would do to me. To make matters even more disconcerting what if those 11 snakes were poisonous Copperheads?

Enter Mrs. Newby, a 72-year-old resident of Lequire Oklahoma. Susan Thompson made this post on her Facebook page about her neighbor.

As I looked at the comments on Susan's Facebook page I noticed there were a lot of comments praising this very spry senior citizen. There were also comments that indicated there may have been even more snakes meeting their maker at the hands of Mrs. Newby.

What were Mrs. Newby's instruments of snake destruction? According to reports, she used a shovel, a shotgun, and a rake handle. I would imagine there was a little Oklahoma know how that went into the eradication of the snakes as well.

From what we understand Mrs. Newby isn't real keen on all the attention. She appears to be a simple and kind soul who likes her life just the way it is. You know, a life without the spotlight and the snakes.

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