We are nice. Well, we are nice most of the time. Sometimes we forget and then we become not nice and that's how we get a reputation of being a douche-canoe.

I have actually discovered that these simple suggestions not only make me appear to be nicer to others but I like the guy I see in the mirror a lot more when I remember them.



1. Allow others to talk
- As someone who makes a living flapping his gums this one is harder for me than it will be for a lot of people. We all love to hear ourselves talk, not just disc jockeys. However, there is wisdom, understanding, and importance in the words of others. What they are saying might not mean squat, but the fact that you gave them the opportunity to be heard could mean everything. How can you be a good listener?

2. Don't let your bad day become everyone else's bad day - Guilty! I've done it a million times. A million times I've wished I had not. It's okay to feel sad, mad, blue, angry, upset or just basically pissed off. It doesn't give you permission to include me or anyone else in your own misery. I find that just by saying out loud to someone I trust, "I am having a bad day", my day instantly improves. Because once you hear those words out loud and then look at the circumstances that are surrounding you, you are quick to realize things could be much worse than they appear between your ears.

3. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness - In case you are wondering this applies to men too. The problem with asking for help is that we have to admit we don't know all the answers. To transition from not knowing an answer to knowing an answer because you asked for help makes you stronger. Then you are free to go about your business or better yet, share the knowledge with someone else. Oh yeah, don't be condescending when offering advice, it ruins the message and makes the messenger look like a total jerk.

4. Consider the shoes you are wearing - It's pretty easy to judge others when we only see the world through the benefit of our personal filters. Perhaps that woman who is using all those coupons in front of you at the grocery store is feeding her family the only way she can. Maybe that guy at the customer service counter just got yelled at by his boss or another customer and is emotionally wounded at the moment. Grace comes in all shapes and sizes and when we choose to share ours, we get more in return.

5. Help somebody if you can - How many times have I passed up a chance to do something nice because I judged the situation first. What I mean is I considered how the individual got themselves into the situation instead of just doing the right thing and helping them first.

For example the car in front of you stalls at a red light. The first thought, honk the horn. The second thought, why don't you take better care of your car. The third thought, how long is this going to inconvenience me? The fourth thought, maybe I could help them push it to the side of the road and offer to call for help? Number four should have been number one. It's basically about doing the right thing when you get the chance.

Anymore suggestions on some simple ways to improve your own life while making the world a little bit better place? I would love for you to share them with me.

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