Turn off your brain. You won't need it as you mull over these 5 totally random, useless facts.May I have the envelope please?

Fact #1

Are we smarter than a 5th grader. Well, the answer is, 'Barely.' 67.3% of Facebook posts are written at a fifth grade reading level or lower.

Fact #2

Billy, Don't Get an Afro

In the move 'Pulp Fiction', Samuel L. Jackson was supposed to have a big, Billy Preston afro,

A&M Records
A&M Records

But, the person they sent to get an afro wig didn't know the difference between an afro and a Jheri curl.

#3 Take me to Your Leader -They actually have numbers for 'Close Encounters.' For example, just seeing a UFO is a close encounter of the 1st kind. On the other hand, 'making whoopie' with an alien is a close encounter of the 7th kind. #4 Another Round, PleaseThe first drink ever referred to as a 'cocktail' was actually an old-fashioned. Ever had one? It's basically whiskey and sugar. Yechh #5 Send Them Air Mail Back in 1920, The United States Post Office ruled that it was NOT acceptable to send children by Parcel Post. Was there a rash of child mailing back in 1920? Great way to get the rug rats to grandma's house. And remember, send them C.O.D.



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