Back on January 28, four women entered a Westlake man's home, took his wallet and then, to add injury to insult, if you will, they shot him in the leg. Authorities have already arrested three other suspects in the case. They have been identified as Crystal Stewart, 26, Lake Charles; Gladys Goodie, 27, Lafayette, and Michaela Beam, 21, Lake Charles.

Yesterday, police arrested a fourth suspect in that case. She has been identified as Andrea N. Martin, 22, of Lake Charles. According to the police report, after the robbery, the women allegedly took the victims credit cards and used them at a local business. Surveillance videos from that business show the suspects using the cards as well as the group's car used in the shooting.

Martin is charged with attempted second-degree-murder, armed robbery, and armed robbery with a firearm.

Martin's bond is set at $150,500.

The victim has not been identified




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