Looks like the flu is making the rounds again and a lot of folks are getting flu shots and taking other precautions to avoid getting the bug. That's all well and good, but according to a recent article in HEALTH, there are also a few things we do that can actually lead to us getting knocked down by the flu bug.

Here are four important tips on avoiding getting the flu in the first place.


1.Hand Washing - According to so many medical people, we just don't wash out hands completely. I remember being on a cruise ship once and there was a nasty flu bug going around back then. The medical staff on board was advising everyone via closed circuit TV to wash their hands frequently and to use plenty of soap and hot water. Above and beyond that, they also said that you should sing "Happy Birthday" through twice while washing your hands to insure that you washed them correctly. Hand washing is a very valuable tool in avoiding all kinds of colds and flu

2.  Antibacterial Gel -  These products can be really effective, but they can also give you a false sense of security. Not all hand gfels are created equal. What you want is a product that is at least 60% to 95% alcohol. Still, medical folks say that even though you are using these gels, it's still a good idea to also wash you hands correctly.

3.  Gyms and Spas - yeah, it's very helpful to stay in shape to keep your immune system strong, but gyms and spas are also pretty much germ factories. Just something to keep in mind next time your in the gym.

4.  Worry - Well, after I've told you all the ways you can catch the flu, the last bit of advice is to try to stop worry and stress in your life. Granted, that may be a tough one, but all that stress and worry really cuts your ability to fight illness. Watch the negative thinking and the worry. Both negative thinking and worry can actually make you sick even without the added problem of the flu.


Good luck. I hope you avoid the flu this year.

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