Everybody thinks they are Cesar Millan when it comes to their pet.  They know best...but, do you really know your dog?

4 Things You Do That Your Dog Actually Can't Stand:

1.  Yanking them away when they're smelling something.  When humans go for a walk we use mostly our eyes to navigate along our path.  Well, dogs not only use their eyes, but their noses too.  It can be quite annoying to stop every few seconds, but what your dog is smelling is just as important to them as what they are seeing.

2.  Poorly-timed walks.  You should time your dog walks early in the morning or in the evening.  During the summertime, walking during the extreme temps of the midday are not only uncomfortable because of their fur, but also the concrete is searing hot on their paws.  Just image how you would feel if you were walking bare foot on the same concrete....it's the same premises with dogs paws, they are sensitive too.

Chicago's Doggy Beach
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3.  Confinement during fireworks.  The explosive sounds of the fireworks is intensely stressing for your dog.  If locked in a small room, they could injure themselves trying to escape the noises.

It's recommended to give them a bigger space to roam during firework celebrations and also to make a "safe place" they can hide in or under.

4.  Hugging.  An experiment in 2016 found that only 8% of the dogs in the study actually liked being hugged.  But they were basically just guessing about the dogs' feelings, so who knows.

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