The New Orleans Saints added several key pieces this offseason in free agency to an already strong core of players that they had. Of course, they had to replace a couple of players who departed, Mark Ingram, Alex Okafor, Max Unger, and others.

However, with the draft just a couple of weeks away we got a chance to see where the Saints rank among the league's best after free agency in this week's ESPN NFL Power Rankings.

The Top Five is as so:

  1. New Orleans Saints (2018: 13-3) 
  2. Los Angeles Rams (2018: 13-3)
  3. New England Patriots (2018: 11-5) 
  4. Kansas City Chiefs (2018: 12-4)
  5. Los Angeles Chargers (2018: 12-4)  

A couple of teams who made big moves this off-season who are slotted higher in the rankings than they were prior, the Cleveland Browns are ranked 9th (2018: 7-8-1) they added many key pieces with the biggest being Odell Beckham Jr. The Green Bay Packers (2018: 6-9-1) were another team that jumped up from where they were last season actually spending some money during free agency as they also let a couple of tenured veteran players walk, they come in at 14th.

It's good to see New Orleans in the top spot heading into the draft, it'll be very interesting to see what the Saints brass can do with limited draft resources. Overall, the team has just six picks to play with and only one of those picks are in the top 100.

  1. Second round, No. 62
  2. Fifth round, No. 168
  3. Sixth round, No. 177
  4. Sixth round, No. 202
  5. Seventh round, No. 231
  6. Seventh round, No. 244


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