Being under a stay-at-home order here in Louisiana has taught us to do a lot of things we normally didn't do during our work day.

The website, SWNS, polled 2,000 adults about new skills we've learned from working at home.

Here are the top 20 tech issues we've had to figure out:

  1. What Zoom is, and how to use it
  2. How to set up a group video call
  3. How to share links with others to join a virtual meeting
  4. How to set up a group chat on Whatsapp
  5. How to turn off/turn on the camera on a video call
  6. How to add people to a group call
  7. How to join a group chat on a mobile phone
  8. How to send a text to more than one person
  9. How to have a phone call across a computer device
  10. How to mute the laptop speaker on a video call
  11. How to use emojis
  12. How to put a mobile phone on speaker
  13. How to print remotely / wirelessly
  14. How to send gifs on a phone
  15. How to share a document virtually
  16. How to post on social media
  17. How to block a phone number
  18. How to set up dual screens
  19. How to connect a laptop and a monitor
  20. How to use hashtags

This is so true. The first thing I did when we started having video conference calls on Microsoft teams was to find out how to turn off my camera and mute myself. I also had to play with the app to find out how to make the sound come through the speaker on my phone.

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