I find the history of South Louisiana fascinating. I love listening to my dad tell his stories about his hometown of Franklin. My wife says one of her best memories ever is a time when her, I and my dad rode around the small town and he pointed out it's history as he remembers. My dad called my attention to a video that my cousin made. The video shows the history of this town located south of Lafayette along the Bayou Tech. I thought I would share the video with you.


You may have never been to Franklin but you may enjoy the pictures of the old architecture and people in the pictures contained in the video. It is certainly well done and a glimpse at South Louisiana life in the past. Some of the pictures take me back to my childhood when we would vacation in Franklin and spend time with family there.  Take some time to relax and enjoy. If you know of anyone who has done something similar for Lake Charles ... please pass it along.



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