You've got to be an absolute low life to steal the flag poles from the Orange Grove Graceland Cemetery's "Avenue Of Flags".

Well, unfortunately that's exactly what happened yesterday.  It took the organization 30 years to gather donations and buy the flag poles and the hardware for them.

Avenue of Flags Director, Ted Harless told KPLC:

We’re a nonprofit organization. We raise money throughout the years to be able to go out and by the flag poles and the hardware that goes with them.

This heartless theft totals up to $50,000 of lose for the organization.

Avenue of Flags Warehouse Manager Carroll Guidry said:

It’s moving to see WWII Veterans with their children and their grand children standing in front of the flag for pictures, it means a lot to the individuals

If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact the Lake Charles Police Department at (337) 491-1311.


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