I hate to admit it, but I remember when microwave ovens first became popular. My sister and brother-in-law gave my mom one for Christmas. What was the first thing we did with that new amazing contraption? We boiled a cup of water. Now that isn't much of a chore for an amazing thing like a microwave, but that's the main thing most people do with a microwave.

Part of the problem with cooking in a microwave is that, for one thing, it may cook a steak, for example, but there's no browning going on and, while the steak is technically cooked, it  comes out that sickly grey color and it's not real appealing.

We'', today there are tons of what they call convenience meals and I buy them by the dozens, but microwaves are handy for things even beyond nuking a frozen dinner.

Here are 10 great things you can use that amazing appliance for well beyond actually cooking with it. There's even a great tip on using your microwave to clean itself.

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