Now, I’ve known Susan for a long time and our friendship goes way back. We really do have quite a bit in common and yet there is enough difference to keep things hopping when I hang out with Susan and her husband, Jerry.

I sat down with Susan the other day and had her share with me 10 things that people may not know about her. I guess I know her better than I thought since none of these came as a surprise to me.

I should tell you that the way she comes across on the air is exactly who she really is. She’s actually that sweet and naïve. I constantly have to explain all my off-color remarks and she never fails to be amazed at just how rotten some people can be. A lot of her friends refer to her as, “Susan Dunn, the Baptist nun.”

Trust me, it’s a highly accurate description.

  1. Born in Blytheville, Ark.
  2. Lived half her life in a house with a coal stove for heating.
  3. Didn’t know what roux was until she was 30 years old.
  4. Was a cheerleader in High School (Glenmore High School in Memphis, Tenn.).
  5. Was the very first homecoming queen of her school.
  6. Had a brief role in the movie Mercy Starring Gary Shannon.
  7. Played the role of Lucy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.
  8. Has served on the Contraband Days Board here in Lake Charles for 7 years.
  9. Was one of the Outstanding Business Women in Biltmore’s Who’s Who.
  10. Represented National Association of Women Business Owners in Washington D.C.