One of the biggest anxieties an expecting mother will have is if she has everything she needs in preparation for the arrival of her little one.

As an expecting mother, one of the things I am most thankful for is a baby registry. Moms have the chance to make the ultimate list of all necessities they need for the baby which can be a big weight off of the shoulders.

While trying to figure out everything that should be included on my registry, I did some web searching for the items other moms put on theirs.

These were the top 10 things I saw on most of the registries I found.

1. Travel/Mobility

Araya Doheny
Araya Doheny

This is considered a big necessity category. It includes items like strollers, car seats, strap cushions, and all needed accessories.

2. Pacifiers

There are so many to choose from, but it is typically a staple on registries. Some moms will put different kinds of pacifiers on their list because they never know which ones their babies will actually like.

3. Feeding

measuring the powder for baby's nourishment
Benjamin Clapp

This is a big category as well. For moms who are breast feeding, they will include items like pumps, storage bags, creams, and such that will be a must. If moms choose to bottle feed, more bottles will be included on their lists. Some moms even like to add a bottle warmer for a little extra help.

4. Nursery


This is another big item category. It usually includes items like a crib, changing table, diaper caddy, and extra storage. Little ones come with a lot of "things" so having storage in the nursery is a big must.

5. Toys/Books

Teddy Bear and Toys

Toys are usually a great way for moms to both keep their baby's attention and help them to learn as they grow. Books are an even better idea because even though babies can't exactly understand what they say, its a great way to bond with them and will come in handy through the first few years.

6. Bath Time

Important bath time items include shampoo/body wash, lotion, baby baths, wash cloths, and some bath toys. What works best for the baby will of course be learned after initial use, but most moms choose what I like to call a starter kit.

7. Health and Wellness

This category is probably where moms tend to draw a blank or forget something. However, it is still very important. These items include a nasal aspirator, thermometer, nail clippers, and diaper rash cream. Don't forget medications for things like gas, fever, constipation.

8. Diapering

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This one is probably a given. Its also another category that is a trial by error. Moms will likely have an idea of what kind of diapers and wipes they want to try. However, what works for one little one may not work for another.

9. Sleepy Time

This category includes items like swaddle blankets, bed sheets and accessories, humidifiers, and sound machines. Some moms will also include toys that light up because they are very enticing to little ones.

10. Clothes

Baby goods hanging on the clothesline

Clothes can be a tricky one. Naturally, you would assume that putting newborn clothes on a registry is the ticket. However, moms never know if their little ones will come out smaller or bigger than expected. When adding clothes to a registry, make sure to include a few premature options as well as sizes 0-3 months just in case.

Doing my research proved to be a great idea. There were forums and websites that informed me of the things I might be over thinking or items that I just never thought to include.

Other items like boppy pillows, accessories for the car, or just cute random items are found on most registries as well.

After reading up and talking to other moms, these are the must have registry items that moms need to remember to include when making their preparation list.

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