You know, people that are famous for being famous have been around a long time. It's one of the side effects of mass media. I mean everyone of a certain age has heard of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Exactly what is she famous for and how did she get famous?

It's actually pretty simple once you break it down. She was named Miss Hungary back in 1936 and starting from there with a lot of brains and drive and ambition, she became world famous.

Zsa Zsa wasn't a great actress and she only made a handful of movies during her career, but her long string of TV appearances will give you an idea of just how in demand she was on talk shows and sitcoms throughout her heyday.

There is a big difference between the image of Zsa Zsa and that of today's no talent stars; Zsa Zsa was always dressed to the nines and she had an air of sophistication about her that couldn't be denied. Sure she did some silly things on all those TV shows, but she had an image of class about her. Not that she didn't have her foibles.

Zsa Zsa was married at least 8 times and that pretty much made the news, but the big difference is that she feel to need drag their personal lives in front of the public and the thought of a "baby daddy" would have been as foreign as her trademark accent.

The Hollywood press loved her and she was truly treated like a star. She, in turn, kept the press amused with her stories and her pretense of being just a little bit ditzy. Zsa Zsa played ditzy to the max, but she never once came across as stupid or trashy. I'm afraid that today's stars like the Kardashians rely on just how trashy and unintelligent they really are.

So, we lost an icon of sorts. She was, indeed famous for being famous. While she created her fame and her somewhat ditzy image, she had class. A quality sadly missing from today's "reality" stars.