So many of us take our right to vote very seriously then we walk away from any other influence that we could have on the direction of our government. We live in a age when we have more ways to make our voiced heard that ever before. The problem is that we have done a poor job using these tools effectively. That can change.

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We get ready for an election by posting cute and sometimes snippy things about the opposition. This may rally the troops but really accomplishes no change because people who don't agree with you have long ago blocked your post. Facebook can be a great tool if used in a more constructive manor. Maybe you could create a page that gives out your representatives contact information and then urge your friends to speak up. When was the last time you or anyone you know actually wrote your elected representative? Your representatives can't hear you if you never speak. They are not reading your facebook page. You can find them here.

Our population was very small when this nation was founded. That small population spoke wit a very big voice. We owe it to our forefathers to be involved in our nation. The only way to change anything is to voice a better idea. What's yours? Let your representative know!