One of the most popular, most trusted names in dental care is under fire since it was revealed that the top rated makers toothpaste contains plastic  beads.

Plastic beads in toothpaste? That's the word on Crest Toothpaste and dental health care professionals say they can really be a pain. Literally.  In fact dental experts say that these beads are more than just a nuisance, they can actually cause a variety of dental problems.

It's important to add that, while these polyethylene beads can be irritating and cause dental problems, they are not a threat to one's general health.

Part of the problem is that the beads are not bio-degradable and they can remain stuck in your teeth and irritate your gums.

Crest has announced that it will begin phasing out the beads in their product. A process that could take until 2016.

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