It's right out of Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein" ; The regeneration of dead tissue is not just a work of fiction anymore. It's not only possible, it's being done.

(Above) Ronald Strang who lost part of his left leg in the Middle East is now a walking miracle. The story of his recovery is truly nothing short of amazing...

Everyone was amazed several years back when scientist were able to clone the now famous sheep "Dolly." Now, scientist are quite literally growing body parts in the lab. Not plastics, not prosthetic limbs and appendages... real, human tissue muscles, ears, bone and skin.


It's good to know that all this is possible thanks to the formation of  AFIRM (Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine) formed four years ago . The institute is made up of a network of top hospitals and universities.  Here is the amazing video:


For more information about this, go to: Associated Press