I can only think that the person who came up with the idea of making a record out of a tortilla must have really had some time on his hands. Either than or this guys brain works in a way that I just don't get.

So, the bottom line is this: this guy with all the time on his hands reckoned that, if you can make a record on plastic by etching the sound waves on it, you can probably make a record out of a lot of other materials. that's a very sound (no pun intended) idea, but a tortilla would not be the first medium I would have tried.

Well, the guy took a laser etcher and used it to "record" the sound onto a fully cooked, crunchy tortilla. He put it on a record play and what do you know it actually played. The volume is kind of low and the sound quality sounds exactly the way one would expect a song recorded on a tortilla would sound, but by golly, it worked!

Is it wrong that the song he chose to record isThe Mexican Hat Dance also known as Jarabe Tapatío?