Our own Weather Wizard, Rob Robin, tells us that as long as this high pressure system is sitting on us, a hurricane doesn't stand a chance ... But, we are far from out of the woods, since Hurricane Season still has several weeks to go. It's always best to have as much information as possible and, of course, Rob is the guy for that! There are, however, some great apps you can to add to your knowledge. Don't forget about Rob's articles about weather right here on the Fun Radio Website!  MyWeather.com, has released a list of the top 5 myths regarding hurricanes. If you want to stay mobile and stay on top of hurricane Irene’s progress, there are all kinds of “hurricane-tracker” apps for tablets and smartphones. Here are a few:

  • 1

    Hurricane HD

    $2.99 (iPhone only)

    The Hurricane HD app is equipped with video updates for storms currently underway or forming. It covers hurricanes all over the world. The app costs $2.99 at iTunes.

  • 2

    iMap Weather Radio

    $9.99 (iPhone only)

    The iMap Weather Radio app draws on your phone or tablet’s GPS and alerts users if they enter an area where a watch or warning has been issued. The app costs $9.99 at iTunes.

  • 3

    The Weather Channel

    Free! (iPhone, Blackberry and Android)

    The Weather Channel app (free at www.weather.com) includes weather maps, animated radar maps, detailed weather conditions and forecasts, severe weather alerts and more.

  • 4


    Free! (iPhone, Blackberry and Android)

    Twitter will let you get free weather reports and alerts on your phone or computer by following certain Twitter sites such as The Weather Channel’s twitter feed (@weatherchanne)l, MyWeather.com tweets (@MyWeather), or AccuWeather’s (@breakingweather). Or you can just search for “Irene” on Twitter and get all of them in one feed.

  • 5

    Global Alert Network

    Free! (Android and Blackberry only)

    The Global Alert Network app (free at www.globalalertnetwork.com) is hands-free. It vocalizes important facts about a storm’s current location without any request from the driver. It’s only for Android and BlackBerry phones.

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