Yes, that is a picture of a slab of concrete. It's one of the worst Christmas gifts ever, but for poor choices and ill advised gifts, it's not the  worst!

There's a difference between a bad Christmas gift and a WEIRD Christmas gift.  A bad Christmas gift is, like, a shirt that's four sizes too big.  A weird Christmas gift is, well . . . like these.

Here are some of the most MESSED UP and EMBARRASSING Christmas gifts people have actually received, in their own words . . .

1.  "I mentioned to my uncle one year I wished I could grow a beard like his.  Come Christmas, he hands me a present.  I unwrap it and . . . it's his beard in a Ziploc bag."

2.  "My uncle gave me a giant block of cement, a mini hammer, and a chisel.  He'd hidden things inside the block and I had to chisel them out.  It turned out to be a few coins and what appeared to be an arrowhead."

3.  "My aunt gave me a bag of shredded cheese."

4.  "I got a gift card to a lingerie store from my grandma."

5.  "I got a pair of pink panties from my grandpa.  I'm a guy."

6.  "My cousin died in a drunk driving accident a few months earlier.  My mom got me a breathalyzer keychain and the card said it was 'from' my cousin."