Not everyone really knows how to give a gift. I truly believe that some people are just lacking the 'shopping gene' and there's not a thing they can do about it.

Several people were asked the question, 'What is the worst gift you've ever received?'

Here are the top answers:

This isn't exactly in the Christmas spirit, but whatever.  We want you to think back on the WORST Christmas present you've ever received.  Here are some of the best ones we've heard . . .


1.  "I got a used gift card with only $3.75 left on it."

2.  "When I was seven, my grandma bought my cousin a PlayStation 2.  I'm the exact same age . . . and she got me a 'Shrek' lunch box."

3.  "I was unemployed and got a large, gift-wrapped box from my parents.  It was a stack of job applications from local businesses."

4.  "When I was seven I unwrapped a gift and found a Dustbuster box.  I thought my present was inside the box . . . turned out my present WAS the Dustbuster, so I could vacuum the stairs easier."

5.  "My mom gave me a jar of sugar with a note about how sweet I was.  Then, two days later, I came home and found she'd used the sugar to bake cookies."

6.  "My great-aunt had a live-in caretaker.  He unexpectedly died.  The next year, when I was seven, I got a VHS copy of his funeral for Christmas."

7.  "My grandpa gave everyone in the family bright orange rape whistles for Christmas . . . even the men."

The worst gift I ever got was a towel. Not a golf towel, not a monogrammed towel. Just a run of the mill bath towel. Of course, I was about six and the person that gave me the towel was around 5, so I guess that doesn't count.