A new study from the land down under says working overtime can contribute to mental health issues.  The study found working more than 39 hours a week is actually detrimental to your health.  Heck I know people that commute that much each week!

They're serious.  The researchers discovered that on average 40 or more hours of work per week can lead to mental illness and breakdown especially when combined with other commitments.  This study was composed of some 8,000 Australian men and women aged 24-64.

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These are Aussies, and they're supposed to be tough. Really durable.  Recall Aussie composite movie hero Crocodile Dundee, legendary for fearlessness and bravado.  Australians loved the image of the swaggering Dundee aloofly frightening tough New York gang bangers with his version of a knife. (A Texas Bowie knife no less)

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And Steve Irwin the real-life Crocodile Hunter, who used to swim with sharks, box with Kangaroos and whom ultimately met his end at the tip of a Sting Ray on an average day (for him) at the office.

If work is driving Aussies batty, what hope is there for us?

Here's the whole article, you read it.  It's been a long day, I'm going home.