Each year Lake Superior State University puts out it's list of words that just need to go away. Now, that must be a daunting task considering how, thanks to technology, so many new words are added each year. Of course, all those words and phrases are not all tied to technology and every year we see a new batch of slang that immediately go into over-use, once again thanks to how fast things like that spread thanks to technology.

Some of the words nominated for extinction this year by LSSU are:

1. So - this word was banished by LSSU back in the 90s, but at that time it was being used in sentences like: "I am SO over all this." It seems that now, the two-letter word is being used to begin sentences as in: "So, I'm walking down the street and I see these two guys fighting."

2. Price Point - It's really just using two words to say the word "price." "We did a price-pint comparison on the two products." It's another attempt to sound intelligent when all one is saying is, "we compared prices."

3. Secret Sauce - No longer has anything to do with fast-food. It's now used to describe why some companies are so successful

4. Giving me life- Never heard this one actually used, but it means something along the lines of, "it excites me." Hope I never hear anyone use this one in real life.

5. Break the Internet - It's 2015s version of saying something went viral. I'm sure it was quite amusing before it came to describe anything anyone posted on the internet. It's as over used as "awesome" which is  used to describe anything at all that is better than just plain good.

I wonder what new words are waiting around the corner in 2016.