I watched the scene at the Donald Trump Rally in horror. Now, I’m not given to hyperbole, so when I tell you that what I saw scared me, it really did. It scared me to think about how, here in 2016 things have gotten to such a state that one group’s First Amendment Rights can cancel out another group’s same rights and privileges.

If you didn’t see it unfold live, you’ve no doubt seen the incessant replays of what happened. At first, it really did seem to be what a lot of the newscasters were saying it was and that is “democracy in action.” The final outcome was otherwise in my opinion. What we saw instead was a flat out denial of First Amendment rights. That denial of rights came from a smug, self-possessed group whose goal was not to protest but to stop people from hearing a speaker they had every right to see and support. It seems to me that there is a double standard at work here.

A lot of leftist have branded Donald Trump as such things as a bigot, hater and a Nazi, but let’s look at the actions of the left. Am I mistaken or was it not the Nazis who wanted to stop political rallies that they disagreed with? Are they not the ones who created mayhem and protesting every time a dissenting voice tried to be heard? The actions of the left over the past several days would certainly be ripe for the description of oppressive and controlling.

Sure, some of Trump’s supporters have shown bad behavior, but how many of his supporters have tried to disrupt another candidate’s speeches? Of course not, because we all know what would happen if they did. The liberal press would be all over them calling them “storm troopers” and “fascists.” The world would cease to turn and all Republicans would once again be falsely branded as “right wing nuts.”

The organization known as MoveOn.com is very proud of what they did and make no mistake they organized and orchestrated that “impromptu” disruption. What is it they set out to do? Their whole purpose was to deny the rights of a political candidate of his First Amendment rights and, trust me on this, the left would be the first to cry “foul” if the same treated was afforded them.

There is no way one can deny the rights of another and call it “democracy in action.” It is not democracy on any level; it is downright hypocrisy in action. If we read about this happening in another country, we’d shake our heads and say, “Boy, it’s a good thing we live in America where we have First Amendment rights”. I hate to point out that it’s a trend, but it is.

When it comes to our “freedom” of religion, who won that battle? Why, the atheist did, of course. Their right not to hear about religion overpowered our right to practice our religion. If you don’t believe that check out prayer in schools or try to put up a municipal Christmas decoration. Basically, we have the right to practice our religion just as long as we don’t let anyone know we’re doing it.

And that’s what scares me about the event in Chicago.