Now, I thought long and hard before I decided to share this video with you. I normally adhere to two simple rules when I look for videos to share with you and they are:

1. They'd better be funny or at least interesting

2. They have to be clean

Well, this particular video only meets one of those two rules and that's why I'm going to let it slide on rule #2. Be forewarned, The language does get rough, but then again, it fits with the spirit of the video.

The video is basically about getting older. Now, that's something that most young people think will never happen to them in a million years. They have no idea that they will someday be more concerned with interest rates more than they will where they go on their next date.

If you're older, you'll love this video. If you're young, you should watch this video and know, beyond all doubt, that, while it's a satire, it's also very, very true.

So, watch this video you young punks and know that no matter how cool you think you are right now, that there is a generation coming after you that's going to think you are the lamest thing in the world and that you could never have been young, much less, cool.