I feel like such a traitor. I was born and raised in Beaumont and, of course, I still love my hometown and I always will, but  my allegiance belongs to the Cowboys in this one and the reason is simple: Lake Charles is now my home.

The bottom line is that I've now lived in Lake Charles for about 20 years and I feel like this is home for me now. It took quite awhile for me to get to that point and it all has to do with just how great I am treated by folks here in Lake Charles. I've made some of the best friends of my life and and, the more I get to know people here, the more I'm convinced that this is where I belong.

I still think about my Texas friends and I'll always love them, but there's really something different about my Lake Charles friends. I think that one of the  biggest differences is just plain old southern charm. There's a difference between Texan friendliness and good old southern charm and, in that department, Lake Charles has it all over Beaumont.

When I first moved here many years ago, I moved from Dallas and I was sort of amazed at how the area had grown. While we have been expanding and growing, Beaumont seems to just be floundering there looking for it's identity. I was all set to attend Lamar, but plans got changed and I ended up at McNeese. Being a native Texan, I compared everything to Texas and, in doing so, overlooked all the great things this area has to offer. There are many things that tell me that this is now my home and it all comes down to appreciating where I am and how good life can be here.

So, I'd like to apply for adoption by the City of Lake Charles and make this my new hometown. Would that be okay? Go Pokes!!


Best of luck, my Cowboys!