Well, it’s the thought that counts.  Levis sort of made an effort to incorporate body diversity into its latest ad campaign- unfortunately, they failed, and caused something of a media uproar in the process. The ad for their new Curve ID jeans features the tagline, “Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes,” along with examples of what are supposed to be three women with a range of body types.  Problem is, the ladies look suspiciously similar, with tiny waists and long, thin legs- and none appears to be larger than a size six.  The same argument can be made about the TV commercial for Curve ID jeans, which also features several tall, slender models.  While Levis’ effort to make clothes for women of all sizes is a great one, their ads just don’t measure up. So, they should have found some ladies like the one pictured, or just found some "real" women...ya know, non-model types....even better.