Does your vehicle inspection sticker look like the one in the picture? Have you noticed that, within a couple of months, the white backing just peels right off and the next thing you know it looks like you don't have an inspection sticker at all.

I worry that I'll get pulled over and charged with having a faulty inspection sticker on my car. Those darn things are almost invisible when you drive-by. How do the cops see them to know that you spent your $10 to have a faulty sticker put on your car? I also have to wonder; who inspects the inspection stickers? Someone in the State Inspection Sticker Quality Control Department is falling down on the job here.

It was something like three years ago I had my car inspected and I asked why the backing had peeled off. The response from the rocket scientist that inspected my car was, "Yeah. We've had a lot of trouble with that." When I went back this year and got my car inspected, I asked about it again and the same guy was working there and his response was, "Yeah. We've had a lot of trouble with that."

I tried calling a well known inspection center, but they're not open on weekends. What happens if your sticker expires on a weekend? Do you get a ticket for not doing what you couldn't do if you wanted to? Besides that; who pays attention to their inspection sticker in the first place? Should we make it part of our daily driving routine?

Let's see here; lights are okay, rear view mirrors are set right; horn works; seat belt buckled; brakes are fine; inspection sticker is peeling off, but still not out of date.

Next time you're in a parking lot, take a look at all the stickers that are either peeling off or have already done the task. It's astounding how many of them are gone completely. I paid $20 for a two-year sticker that didn't even last 6 months, but can I get my money back. Can I get a free replacement? Hell, the least they could do is pro rate the wear and tear and give you another sticker for half price or something. I hate to be picky, but a two-year sticker should last two years!

What next? How about our license plates? Are they going to start falling apart after only a few months? I don't think I can handle the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on my inspection sticker (which can barely even be seen) and my license plates all the time.

It's just something to think about. then again, maybe I just have too much free time.