I thought this could be fun. There seem top be more of these coming out. I am not always in agreement with the results but they are always fun. This one tells you what classic rock band you would be.

thinkstock/ David Vigil

I took one of these polls last week and it told me I should be living in New Jersey. That in itself should tell you something about these polls. They ask you to choose between several options and sometimes you don't like any of the options. That is when you pick the best of the options offered and that is when the poll gets off track. Enough of my rambling on. Lets see what the poll has to say about what classic rock band you are.

I am Led Zeppelin. According to the poll  I'm the dual-axe wielding, mythological wizards of rock, unquestionably legendary, but still often misunderstood. People will either love or hate me. It says to Ramble on, you multi-talented visionary you!

And so I shall.