Eight Things You Should Never Buy On The Cheap

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Do you hate the thought of buying something at full retail price? If so, you’re not alone. According to ShopSmart magazine, there are some items consumers shouldn’t skimp on. Here are 8 things worth paying full price for:

Paint: Even though you can find a gallon of paint for as little as $11, cheap paint often means you’ll have to paint the same thing three times and going through three gallons when you could have purchased a good quality paint and pay less in the long run.

Gas Grills: Look for features such as premium-quality burners, stainless-steel grates, and heavy-duty construction. You should realistically expect to spend at least $150 for a good one.

Big-Screen TVs: If you’re investing in a really big screen television – 50 inches or more – you’ll want to own it for a while. So go for as big a screen as you can afford from a reliable brand. Just make sure it fits in the room you’re going to put it in.

Blu-Ray Players: Instead of replacing one cheap DVD player with another cheap DVD player, consider trading up to a Blu-ray player, which supplies true high definition to your high-def TV.

Fire Protection: Aerosols such as First Alert Tundra are much cheaper than traditional fire extinguishers and may look like they’re easier to use, but they’re a lot less effective as well – which could mean the difference between scorching the kitchen and torching the house.

Mattresses: Can you really afford to not get a good night’s rest? Don’t spend less than $800 for a queen-size mattress or you’ll risk years of sleepless nights and all the bed effects that go with it.

Grass Seed: Inexpensive blends may contain a large percentage of weeds and annual grass seeds, which will die after one season. Spend more for the good stuff and have a yard that looks like your neighbors.

Canister Vacuums: Cheaper vacuums can be ineffective and frustrating, so expect to spend around $200 or more for a good one. Buying a cheapo often means vacuuming the same carpet twice and twice a day when you can fork out a little more and vacuum once a week.