There is an old adage that goes something like, "People who think they know everything irritate those of us who do." Well, this story is sort of a paraphrase of that old saying. This is more a case of 'When Dumb People Think they Are Smart."

I used the above picture for this post because only a person under the influence would look in the mirror and say, 'Hey, I look GOOD."

In this story, however, it's more a case of dumb and intoxicated. While there is nothing at all funny about drunk drivers, at least the guy in this story was stopped before he did any damage.

This moron thought he had outfoxed the law against drinking and driving.

This guy thought he had a pretty genius response when cops accused him of drinking and driving. Jose Garcia, Jr., 33, of New Jersey, admitted to drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, but said he wasn’t swigging from it while driving. He was only doing it at red lights. Nice try, buddy. Not only was Garcia consuming whiskey while operating a vehicle, but his daughter was improperly secured in the backseat! Cops arrested him on charges of neglect of a child, failure to use a child restraint, consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle and driving while suspended. Stopping at a red light doesn’t give you the green light to drink!