When do pitchers and catchers report?

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It’s the question I silently ask myself every year around this time when Dallas is no longer contending for the football worlds championship.  Since I’m a ‘homer’, not having Houston or New Orleans or even my old favorite Denver in the chase leaves me with little personal interest in the remaining days of pro football.  The thought of the super game just makes me yawn.

Oh sure, I’ve been invited to a party to watch the big game and I’ll most likely go for the socializing and tasty snacks. And being in advertising the first half commercials will be interesting, I hope. But as far as deep concern over who wins, meh… I don’t really care this time around, I may just as well spend the afternoon building a boat inside a bottle in the quiet confines of my hobby room.

I will however go out on a short limb and predict the Brady Bunch will win out over the high flying birds more or less simply because they’re so, accustomed to this level of pressure.  They have experience in this game, lots of it, years and years.

But more or less I’m already looking forward to the professional baseball season, high school and college teams are already working out, have been since before Christmas and McNeese plays its first game on February 17th.

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The Astros look good this year, Carlos Beltran is back and wants to pass along his experience and every other thing he can teach to this youthful team that has so much potential, with just a little bullpen luck they could win 4 out of the next ten World Series (you heard it here first)

Ahh… baseball!  Hope Springs Eternal!

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So, when do Pitchers and Catchers report?  Mostly on February 14th, perfect for the game I love – some on the 13th.  The Astros first exhibition game will be on March 4th agin’ the Cardinals.

Take me out to the ballgame.