About the only thing about albums that I like better than CD's is that the covers don't really have room to be creative. AT one time, thanks in part to the Beatles, groups really tried to make their album covers creative. You also had liner notes which were also entertaining. There we just one or two exceptions. Okay, there were hundreds of exceptions ! Here are just a few of the most bizarre album covers of all time!   Brace Yourself!

1. Let's begin with something fairly innocuous, shall we?  This looks like a typical "Easy Listening" album of the sixties. But, study the picture for a moment...

Do you see it? Apparently, Johnathan Edwards has two right hands!  I don't think this is the same Johnathan Edwards that had the hit record "Sunshine" back in 1971.


2. Joyce - The Creepy Eyed Stare of Gospel

Joyce was Joyce Drake, the wife of a pastor in Sealy, Texas. This was released on LTD Records around 1983. We can only hope that, in this case, LTD really stands for "limited."  That stare is one of a housewife who takes way too many prescriptions to get through her day. I've actually heard a snippet from this record and her singing can best be described as "workman like."

3.  This cover isn't just bizarre, it's creepy and scary. Part of what makes it so creepy and scary ( I mean above and beyond the obvious) is that you can tell this idiot thinks he's lookin' FINE! I mean F-I-N-E as wine.

4. And now...the piano styling of the one and only Mike Terry!

Mr. Terry's piano playing was in the same vein as Liberace. We can only assume that he had other things in common with Liberace as well. Although I don't recall Liberace wearing an evening gown.

5. After Buffalo Bob died, Howdy Doody's Life Took a Real Downward Spiral

Truth is that Patrick Wolf is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. He just tends to make a few bad choices when it comes to the marketing part of his career.

By the way, the picture on the front of this piece is an artist by the name of Heino. The translation of the title is "Love Mom". I have a feeling he came to us from a universe far, far away.

I'll have more bizarre album covers soon. There are plenty from which to choose!