For some of us, it’s a pile of hot, crispy French fries covered in oil and salt.  For others, it’s a thick slice of chocolate cake with a side of ice cream. For me, it depends.  Sometimes a meal just screams for dessert.  My first choice is almost always something chocolate.  Occasionally, a McDonald's Angus Burger with Mushrooms and Swiss fills the bill, and other times Wendy's Baconator is what I crave. Experts say that thanks to our brain’s wiring, certain foods affect us the same way drugs do- they’re addictive and cause us to lose control.  These “gateway foods” can quickly derail our best diet efforts, since once we’ve had a taste it’s difficult if not impossible to stop.  The foods that usually bring on this response tend to be full of sugar and fat, since eating them causes our brain to release feel-good endorphins, as well as other hormones that increase our appetite.  Life really isn’t fair!