CNN is running stories saying that Bowe Bergdahl was tortured while in Taliban captivity. Fox News is saying that Bergdahl declared Jihad against the United States. As usual the stories paint two very different pictures. Which do our listeners believe... that was the question.

U.S. Army via Getty Images

President Obama bypassed congress to make a deal with the Taliban for Bergdahl's release. In exchange for Bergdahl we released five high ranking Taliban officers. Weather you feel Bergdahl was a loyal American soldier or a traitor was not our question. Whether you thought President Obama had the right to bypass congress on this was not our question. We simply wanted to know if you thought the United States should have negotiated with the Taliban at all.


The majority of listeners taking our poll said that we should not have negotiated with the Taliban. Over 54% said that we made a mistake and that the prisoners we released could kill Americans in the future. Some did say that we made the right move to get an American home (26%.) There were still some (16%) that were undecided on the issue.