Okay guys, here's a test. You have a woman in your life and it's time to buy her a gift. What  ideas just leap into your mind?

I guess most of us would pick jewelry. Well, according to a new study, 'most of us' would be dead wrong.

I guess the responses to this question just show how little I know about women, it turns out that jewelry is not that high up on the list.

The study doesn't really get into a lot of specifics, but, the bottom line is that women prefer 'meaningful gifts.' In fact, 56% of women say they'd prefer a thoughtful gift like a memorable trip over diamonds.  The survey also found women would prefer a gift card to cash.

You know what that means, don't you? It means that after years of giving women jewelry and candy for Valentine's Day, we just can't be trusted to make good decisions...Or am I just being paranoid?