I love this video. Over the years, I've dealt with all kinds of "snobs." Now, I'm not talking about people who shun other people. I'm talking about so-called experts who claim to have better taste than the average person when it comes to things like cigars, wine and even beer.

As a self confessed beer snob, I know it can be irritating to be told that your favorite brand is "swill", but I do say that from time to time. Now, when it comes to beer, I like Guinness or London Porter as well as just about any of the Belgian beers. Can't stand the average domestic beer you might find advertised on NFL Sunday. Now, of course that means that the beer you drink is crap. Right? Of course not!

You know more about what you like than I could ever know and the same rule holds true with things like cigars and wine. Just because a bottle of wine only costs, say, $10 doesn't mean it's not a good wine. It's kind of like art, if you will. If you like it, it's good art. If you don't like it, it's garbage.

This video from "Adam Ruins Everything" even talks about when wine snobs were fooled in liking or not liking certain wines based solely on the price. Watch and feel good about your own choices.