Most of my life has been spent in the deep south where snow is not a common occurrence; but as a child I spent some time in places with frequent snow. My dad was in the Marine Corps so we moved around quite a bit and spent some time in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Times have changed quite a bit so I am sure kids do much different things now; but here is my personal historic perspective.



There was no internet, text, cellphones and we only had three TV channels. If there was a chance of snow we would wake up and turn on the radio. We would listen carefully hoping to hear our school was closed. I had four brothers and sisters so being locked up all day at home did not mean we had no one to play with. We played games like Monopoly, Scrabble and chess. We did not have game consoles and there was nothing on TV in the daytime but Soaps. We also had one of those miniature racetracks with the cars that made connection with brushes on the bottom. The brushes made contact with the track and that would power the electric cars. That was high tech back then.

We would also color and actually read books (not on our tablets but the real book.) The only football game we had was just a metal field with plastic players who were moved with vibrations made when the game was turned on.

Me and my brother would play with Army men. We would also help my mom cook and she would make us cookies and pies to help make the day special. We shared bedrooms so no one could retreat to their own room plus we only had one TV and one radio and they were in the living room. We all watched or listened together. It is quite a bit different for today's kids.