Did you know that November 1st is "Eat all of your kids Halloween Candy after they go to bed day?" It really is and in a few months it will be "diet and dentist day." OK ...so I made the last one up. You can deep fry it as is demonstrated later in this story or maybe something a little more constructive.--more-->

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Thousands of dentists around the country have teamed with “Operation Gratitude” to turn Halloween candy into cash. Children donate their candy to dentists, who’ll pay them one dollar per pound. The kids walk away with extra spending money, but less likely to get a cavity.

Then the dentists turn around, and with the help of “Operation Gratitude”, ship that candy overseas in care packages to our fighting forces of the United States military. Last year, the group collected over 125 tons of Halloween candy.

If you are a deep fried fan ....you gotta check out this video!