Remember back to the time right after Hurricane Rita struck and General Honore said the now oft-quoted statement, "Don't get stuck on stupid?' Well, it seem that we have bogged down in 'stupid' right up to our hubcaps.

Has the world gone nuts? It certainly feels like it sometimes.

It seems sometimes that if a social problem arises, we go so far the other way that we reach to the absurd.

You, no doubt, remember the story of the school boy who chewed a Pop-Tart into something that vaguely resembled a gun. The kid was expelled and a whole maelstrom of over-reaction followed.

If the situation was an isolated incident, it wouldn't be so bad. The problem is that stories of such insanity have gone as viral as Grumpy Cat.

Here's the latest.

Take a look at the picture at the top of this article. Does it scare you? Do you feel threatened by the picture? If you saw someone use this gesture on Ryan Street would you run for cover and call the police?

Here's what happened:

He was only pretending, but things got a little too real for Texas movie-goers last Friday. A 54-year-old man was arrested for allegedly terrorizing an audience of World War Z by making gun gestures with his hand. Darrell Reynolds was making gun noises and pointing his hand in the shape of a weapon at the crowd. In the darkness of the theater, some movie-goers reportedly thought Reynolds had a real gun, and panicked people started rushing for the exits.But, the terror didn't end there.

According to a woman in the theater when this horror struck:

"It was dark and nobody could really tell especially if you were in the back and you just see a guy going 'choo choo choo,’”

As we all know, a human saying, "choo, choo, choo" is a sound you don't want to hear twice in your life.

Cops arrested Reynolds in the movie theater lobby on disorderly conduct charges. From the looks of his mugshot, he seems just as scared as the movie-goers!


Seriously? I guess it would be funny if it were not so blatantly stupid!

Hand modeling by Mike Soileau

Disclaimer: Mike's hand was not loaded when this photo was taken and we made sure the hallway was clear of people as an added safety precaution. Mike does have a permit for his hand.