My wife and I had discussed getting her a gun for protection. We no longer have kids at home and it sure seems the world is getting crazier all the time. So the debate began.

My wife's target ... by Don Rivers


We went to a local shooting range and gun store so she could try some different models and actually shoot a pistol for the first time. The lady at the store was very nice and recommended a couple of different semi automatics. My wife shot them both and decided she liked the Sig Sauer P238. It is a small compact 380 that is very easy to load and shoot. The bad news was that they did not have any in stock. We ordered one and left. That's when the debate began. She went to visit her sister the next weekend and was advised (by her brother in law) to get a revolver instead. His logic was that the revolver would never jam. The revolvers were also a lot less money. She came home pretty determined to get a revolver instead. I ask a former Sheriff's department deputy and a current state trooper what they thought. They both recommended semi automatics. The state trooper told me "we would not carry them if they jammed." That made sense to me.

All the debate aside ... the only thing that mattered was if my wife felt comfortable with the gun and if she could shoot it easily and accurately. We went back to the shooting range so she could try an automatic. She shot a 38 revolver first and it was just too much for her. Then she tried a 32 revolver and it was really a struggle for her to shoot. She had problems with pulling the trigger. That would not be good in an emergency. She also seemed to shoot high with it. The higher shots on the target above were from the revolver.  I could see her hand shaking when she was trying to pull the trigger and knew the gun was not for her. The revolver was also heavier and bulkier.  Then she shot the Sig again. She put four of five shots directly on the X. It was easy for her to shoot. Her decision was made. I feel very comfortable if she is ever confronted by a man wearing orange with white circles. Seriously though ... I feel confident and she feels comfortable with the Sig. She is signing up for classes so she can really learn how to shoot, learn gun safety and how to maintain  the gun.