In my checkered career, I've attended a ton of auctions. Just a few weeks ago, I emceed the fundraiser for the Lake Charles Children's Museum, and part of that fundraiser included an auction.

Now, I talk for a living, but I can't even come close to imitating an auctioneer and, try as I might, I can't really tell what they're saying, but it's fascinating to listen to the way they seem to talk non-stop without even pausing to breathe.

Hal McMillan is a great guy and one heck of an auctioneer, and it's fun to watch him work the crowd while spouting that non-stop auctioneer chant and getting the crowd all fired up about whatever it is he is auctioning off.

This video slows it all down and gives part of the secret to what the heck auctioneers are really saying.