Why is it that Louisiana always gets the "fuzzy end of the lollypop"? When it comes to polls about education or health you can usually find us near the bottom of the list. Now, the University of Chicago has come out with a poll and Louisiana is in the number two spot. Ready for the subject of the poll?

The answer is...The top 10 most c0rrupt states !

Now, Louisiana has long held a reputation for being corrupt and, well, a lot of times said reputation was justly deserved.  Now, you may be thinking the New Jersey was one of the worst. Not so. According to the poll, New Jersey was one of the least corrupt states earning a respectable B+ !

The criteria?

Public Access to Information

Executive Accountability

Judicial Accountability

State Civil Service Management

Internal Auditing

State Pension Fund Management

State Insurance Commissions

Political Financing

Legislative Accountability

State Budget Processes


Lobbying Disclosure

Ethics Enforcement Agencies


We got poor marks in just about every category...So, who was number one? I'll give you a hint...It's not really a state. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C, corrupt?? Are you serious?