Over the years, we've reported on a lot of crimes in the area. People stealing copper wire, people printing their own money and a variety of other illegal activities. I truly never imagined that we would ever be reporting a story about cattle rustling,but here it is.

The crime in question took place in Allen Parish and prosecution of the two men allegedly involved in the crime are already being prosecuted according to Allen Parish District Attorney Todd Nesom.

The men accused of the crime are Jacob Chance Constance, 23, of Lake Charles, who pleaded not guilty on May 6. A pretrial conference was set for Sept. 28 and trial was set for Oct. 19.

Allen Tyler Meylian, 20, of Kinder failed to show up to his arraignment on May 6, Nesom said. A bench warrant was issued and Nesom said he has asked a judge to have Meylian's bond forfeited.

Constance and Meylian face one count each of theft of livestock. They are accused of stealing three cows at the Kinder Livestock Auction for $4,170.