Okay. Confession time.

I have the messiest desk in the building. For some reason, here at work, I'm a hoarder. Now, in my defense, I've been here longer than just about everyone else. I know that's not much of an excuse, but it's the one I've chosen to stick with.

Here's a small sample of the odds and ends in my desk.

1. A Remote Control

The thing is, there is nothing in this office that requires a remote. I have no idea where the darn thing came from.

2. A Christmas Ornament

Nice ornament. It's been in my desk for about 10 years. It's never been used.

3. A High School Yearbook

Gotta love the coffee stain in the picture. I can truthfully say that the coffee stain is not on my desk. The yearbook however, is mine. Not sure why it's in my desk. Don't read the year on it. I'm 35.

4. A Target

Several years ago I qualified for a 'Concealed Carry Permit.' This is the target I used to qualify. I keep it in my desk to intimidate people who come into my office to ask for favors. Not a bad grouping if I do say so. In case your wondering, I used a Walther's PPK.

5. A Voodoo Doll

Several years ago, when Heather and I first started working together, she brought this back from a weekend in New Orleans. It's been in my desk ever since. Don't get on my bad side, because I'll whip out 'Voodoo Lou" and stick a pin in it. It also comes in handy when #3 above doesn't work


And those are just a few of the strange things in my desk. I didn't use the picture of the duck call. By the way, I've never been duck hunting in my life.

Someday, I'll share more of the crazy stuff in my desk. I'm afraid to dig too deep in there, I may not be at the top of the food chain.