I found a site that has some weird, but proven, health tips and one of them is recipe for a better power nap. According to Health Magazine, if you consume a cup or two of coffee before you take that power nap, you'll wake up better rested and more alert than if you just took a nap without the coffee.

Why does coffee help you take a more restful nap? Well, it seems that it's all about timing. According to the article, just about the time you wake up, the caffeine goes to work and it rids the brain of something called adenosine. It's the adenosine in our brains that leaves us with that groggy feeling or "nap hangover." As it turns out, the coffee is an adenosine blocker. Who knew? That's why, when you feel fatigued, coffee does it's thing and gives us a little bump of energy.

I hadn't really thought of it, but, from time to time, I've taken a nap right after drinking coffee and I do recall being much more alert when I awoke.

Whoever thought that coffee would give you a better nap?