Most movies go through a lot of changes between the time they are conceived and the time we get to see them on the big screen and Disney movies are no exception.

Here are a few ideas from various Disney movies that never made the final cut.

1.  The Disney folks  wanted the SPICE GIRLS to sing "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" in "Hercules". I'm happy to report that the group was too busy to do the song. I'm sure they have a lot of free time now.

2.  The song "Part of Your World" was almost cut from "The Little Mermaid" because kids thought it was boring. Adults, on the other hand, loved it so the song stayed.

As a side not to this one: MGM wanted to cut 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from Wizard of Oz for the same reason. Luckily the iconic song stayed in the picture.

3.  "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" - I thought the names were traditional. Turns out they were named just for the movie. There was almost a dwarf called 'Deafy.' The idea was that Deafy only heard a few words leading to hilarious situations. Good taste took over and 'Deafy' became Sneezy.

4. "Lady and the Tramp" - This one goes back to when Walt Disney was still living. Walt felt that a scene of dogs eating spaghetti would just be weird. Thanks to one of his animators, the scene stayed in and has become an iconic scene from that movie.

5.  "Pocahontas" was going to have a character named "Redfeather." Refeather was going to be a talking turkey voiced by John Candy, but Candy died before that could be realized.

6.  "Aladdin"  They wanted to model the main character after Michael J. Fox. Folks at the studio decided that the character wasn't cute enough and modeled Aladdin after Tom Cruise.

7.  "Bambi" - All kids get upset when Bambi's mother gets killed. If the orginal plans had gone through it would have been much worse. They were going to show Bambi's mom's body being dragged away by the hunters. Yeah, that would have become a kid's classic.

8.  "The Little Mermaid" . . . Sebastian was going to have a British accent, but the guy who did the voice, Samuel E. Wright, did it in a Caribbean accent and they scrapped the British idea then and there.

9.  "The Jungle Book" - Remember the two vultures who sit in the tree and do the 'what do you want to do now' routine? The folks at Disney wanted to get the Beatles to do that, but John Lennon didn't want to do an animated movie. Instead, one of the vultures was voiced by Chad Stuart of the British Duo Chad and Jeremy who had a few hits back during the British Invasion.