Disco was far from new in the Fall of 1976, in fact the 'Disco Sucks' backlash was in full force. given that fact, you wouldn't think that a song called 'Disco Duck' would go to the #1 spot in the country, but it did.

Another odd fact is that the guy who wrote and recorded it, wasn't even a recording star.

Rick Dees (Rigdon Dees) was, at one time, one of the biggest radio personalities in the country.  At the time he wrote Disco Duck, he was working at a radio station in Memphis and was already called 'The Mouth of the South.'

Of course, the song was just a big joke to Dees so you can imagine how he felt when it went to the #1 spot in Billboard in September of 1976. The song only stayed at #1 for one week and was soon replaced by 'If You Leave me Now' by Chicago.

Still, for one week, a Memphis disc jockey saw what he considered just a bit for his morning show, go to the top of the charts.

He even got to perform it 'live' on Midnight Special. Poor guy. If the song itself wasn't bad enough, check out the wardrobe.