Anthony Weiner is a doofus and I can prove it. I'm not even going to protect myself from a possible lawsuit by saying, "In my opinion" or, "Allegedly." No sir, I'm going to put it all right out there. Anthony Weiner is a doofus and here's the proof.

The back story in a nutshell: Weiner's political career was ruined when it was revealed that he had been sharing some smoking hot text with someone other than his wife. Cue the big uproar, the media feeding frenzy, the public apology and the promise never, ever to do that again.

Flash forward. Weiner is running for the New York mayor's office. Hey, he said his was sorry and his wife forgave him, so it must be okay to want to be mayor of the Big Apple, right?

Well, and here's where the evidence that he's a doofus comes in, he got caught 'sexting' AGAIN! I guess it's the mind set that, if Lindsay Lohan can do stupid things over and over and her misguided fans keep following her every move, it should be okay for a big shot political candidate, right.

Yeah, not so much. I would also like to offer up Exhibit 'B" in my case. He hasn't dropped out of the mayoral race. Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution rests.


Oh, by the way...Weiner's screen name -- Carlos Danger. I mean really! Look at the picture again. Does that look like a man named 'Carlos Danger?'