Statistics mean very little to most of us. I guess that's because, while we read them and understand them, we just tend to think that it's not going to happen to us because we're really good drivers.

Of course, I'm talking about two stats there. First of all, all the information in the world says that texting while driving is every bit as bad as impaired driving and, secondly, we all know that seat belts do save lives. Of course, knowing all that and strictly obeying the law are two different things.

Well, would you be willing to not text and drive if it was going to cost you $500? It very well could if new legislation goes through. In fact the Senate Committee on Transportation will be debating that proposed law today. One subject they are discussing is raising the fines for various traffic violations. Right now the fine for texting while driving is about $175, but if lawmakers get their way, that fine would leap up to $500.

Currently, the fine for not wearing a seatbelt is $25, but, under the new proposed law, that fine would double to $50 for a first-time seat belt violation.

Right now, these new fines are just in the talking stage, but there's a very good chance that the bills will pass. If the new fines are approved, they will then head to floor of each respected lawmaking body for more debate and a vote.